EventEvent DateCourse PlayedEvent WinnerFlight AFlight BFlight C
January Monthly Medal11-Jan-2020Royal Lat KrabangJohn SienaCarl BallantineRick WoodhamAndreas Hogberg
January Monthly Stableford25-Jan-2020Bangpakong RiversideChris RobertsAngus TurkingtonRick BlakemoreKrishna Tiwary
February Monthly Stableford9-Feb-2020Bangpakong RiversideRick WoodhamDietmar BandatRick BlakemoreAlan Ainsworth
February Monthly Medal22-Feb-2020Royal Lat KrabangCharles MarquesJohn ComiskeyPeter LucasPhil Mulligan
March Monthly Medal14-Mar-2020Royal Lat KrabangTerry DaviesDietmar BandatPaul WyattSteven Brader
May Monthly Stableford23-May-2020Muang Kaew GolfDieter BroecklDietmar BandatStefan KuhnKhalid Khan
June Monthly Medal13-June-2020Royal Lat KrabangMark AdderleyTony JeffreysSteve BrockettLukkana Kamsanthie
Masters - Day 127-June-2020Black MountainCarl BallantineCharles MarquesAndre CzanikWarren Kolman
Masters - Day 228-June-2020Black MountainGido Van MastrigtCarl BallantineRick BlakemoreAngkhana Nilkumnerd
July Monthly Medal11-July-2020Royal Lat KrabangJulien Raybaud-GinesDietmar BandatBen WilsonLukkana Kamsanthie
July Monthly Stableford25-July-2020Muang KaewLukkana KamsanthieAngus TurkingtonJim MansonPhil Mulligan
August Monthly Medal08-Aug-2020Royal Lat KrabangMatt CollierCharles MarquesStefan KuhnCaroline Broeckl
August Monthly Stableford22-Aug-2020Muang KaewFred BlumenbergCharles MarquesPeter LucasNaralita Jeffreys
September Monthly Medal12-Sep-2020Royal Lat KrabangLukkana KamsanthieTony JeffreysSteve BrockettNaralita Jeffreys
September Monthly Stableford26-Sep-2020Muang KaewKrishna TiwaryDietmar BandatHenrik AhlgrenDieter Broeckl
October Monthly Medal10-Oct-2020Royal Lat KrabangLukkana KamsanthieMark CoombesGido van MastrightFredrik Wilgotson
October Monthly Stableford24-Oct-2020Muang KaewHenrik AhlgrenMark CoombesStefan KuhnManu Nair
What a great day for golf.   Weather was nice.  Great tournament.  Greens were a bit inconsistent, traffic going home was
pretty good afternoon at Royal for our monroe monthly medal event.  course in good shape, little bit windy, and we
great afternoon for golf at Flora ville.  congratulations to all of the technical prize winners and our flight winners.  a
Great day at royal yesterday.  we managed to play during rainy season without any rain.  course in fairly good condition. 
Great weekend to play our 2019 LGC Masters in Hua Hin.  The course was in pretty good condition, fast greens
please find the winners from our monroe monthly medal event at royal on june 8.  Congratulations to Graham black, our
great day for golf at flora ville.  a bit slow making the turn but the course was in good condition. 
pretty great day at royal yesterday.  our first group off of hole ten finished in under 4 hours.  while a
Has rainy season started early?  most of our players played in rain their front 9 holes; then nice and cloudy,
it was certainly a warm afternoon for golf at royal today.  what a great turn out for the songkran holiday