Start Sheet – The Londoner Masters on June 23rd-24th @ Black Mountain

THE MASTERS – qualifiers must have won an overall competition or a Flight or Eclectic, Order of Merit, Match Play or Pairs, since, and including, the game constituting the first round of the previous year’s Masters (24/25 June 2017), and have an active Londoner handicap.  Previous Masters winners DO NOT have to meet the additional criteria of having won an overall competition or flight but must have an active Londoner handicap.

LIST OF QUALIFIERS – with a chance to be our 2018 Masters Champion.

Barry Ashman John Comiskey Reece Kiernander Augusto Romei
Dietmar Bandat Patrick Erickson Dietmar Lammers Park Sangyoul
Matt Bartlett Martin Fells Ian Lavin Mark Shufflebotham
Trey Bates Neil Flanagan Howard Leigh Stig Martin Solberg
Frank Berry Robert Gray Stuart Lucani Steve Sumpton
Alain Blanquart Craig Griffin Peter Lucas Angus Turkington
Ray Bloom John Griffiths Charles Marques John Underwood
Steve Brockett Todd Guest Phil Mulligan Rick Woodham
Ian Butcher Mark Jayasinghe Fred Narthasilpa Paul Wyatt
Prem Chand Tony Jeffreys Phatcha Phetrcharat
Matt Chevis Ed Jones Julien Raybaud-Gines
Richard Clarke Richard Jones Dave Richards Mark Adderley

NON-QUALIFIERS – will also be catered for.  As well as day and technical prizes, there will be a separate 2-day competition for players who don’t meet the Masters qualifying criteria.

GREEN FEE – an amazing 1,800 baht per round.

FORMAT – 2 days of stableford scoring.

ACCOMMODATION – As usual at Hua Hin, we ask players to book their own accommodation.  We always meet up in the evenings at a town pub/restaurant for food and banter.

TIMINGS – Saturday start at 11.30am, Sunday at 7.30am.

FAMILY ATTRACTIONS – In addition to Hua Hin’s beaches, shopping and restaurants, the Black Mountain resort also includes a Wakeboard Park and Water Park.