Results & Photos – Londoners vs Wanderers

It’s a draw! Great effort by Londoner team in pulling out a draw. We weren’t given much chance to win this so we all should be proud of the results. Let’s take home the trophy next year!

Below are the results of all the matches.

LondonersWanderersResultsStarting Hole
Ray Bloom and Barry AshmanTony Everett and Suranya Boonyarom6 and 5 Wanderers1
John Siena and Prem ChandNick Toon and Alistair MacDonald1 up Londoners1
Tony Jeffreys and Patrick EricksonGene Connor and Dietmar Lammer6 and 5 Londoners1
Ian Butcher and Mark JayasingheMark Coombes and Todd Guest5 and 4 Wanderers1
Stefan Kuhn and Stuart LucaniDon Levin and Gordon Milne2 and 1 Wanderers1
Tony Beaton and Rick WoodhamCraig Griffin and Pete Gale5 and 4 Londoners1
Mark Johnson and Fred NarthasilpaMoya-Jayne Harris and Simon SmallcomeHalved10
Neil Flanagan and Dave GauthierPark Sangyoul and Shawn MathavornHalved10
Peter Lucas and Nick LucasJohn Christie and Off Suksai4 and 3 Wanderers10
Martin Solberg and Richard JonesMatt Wharf and Mark AdderleyHalved10
Paul Wyatt and Mike MuehleckTerry Davies and Ken Kane2 and 1 Londoners10
Trey Bates and John UnderwoodOrachat Leppek and Thorsten LeppekHalved10