Registration Open – July 24 – Muang Kaew – Tee time 11:00

We are opening registration for the regularly scheduled monthly event at Muang Kaew on July 24.  As of now, this is planned as a friendly golf event, not the monthly medal event.  With the current Covid restrictions, it is undecided how many players we can host and be comfortable we are complying with the current Covid guidelines.  If you are interested in playing a friendly round of golf, please register.  We will determine the event details closer to the date.  If we need to limit the field, we will take the registrants based on the order of when the registration occured.

12 registered players
Piers Leach
Julien Raybaud-Gines
Michael Muehleck
Robert Gray
paul wyatt
Roland Folger
James Hanham
Peter Lucas
Andrew Guilfoyle
Ami Guilfoyle
Phil Mulligan
Rick Woodham

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