Our members vary in golfing ability, but consistent in our friendly approach to the game.

New Members

We welcome new members, expecting them to have some ability to play golf, have a grasp of the rules, have played on golf courses before and understand golfing etiquette. All will be made welcome and handicaps are awarded to players, who can meet our criteria, after three events. New members are charged a one off joining fee of 1,000 THB for life membership which includes free entry to the annual Xmas Dinner Party.

Member's Guests

Members are welcome to invite guests to our events. The member will play with, and have responsibility, for his/her guest on the day.

Your Responsibilities

To ensure everyone has an enjoyable golf experience we ask all golfers to:

  • Sign in 30 minutes before the first tee time and arrive at the tee box no later than 10 minutes before the allotted tee time.
  • Before teeing off, ensure your scorecard shows your Name, Handicap & Date. Exchange cards with another member of your group (who becomes your playing partner)
  • Count your playing partner’s shots and record them on their score card. Include Stableford Points, if possible.
  • Agree their score on each hole and record it on their scorecard before you tee off on the next hole. Write your own score for each hole, after having agreed the score with your playing partner. If you cannot agree on a particular rule, play 2 balls and refer to the Captain on returning to the clubhouse.
  • Total the number of shots for both nines and the eighteen-hole total.
  • Sign your playing partner’s card as Marker; check and sign your own card as Player; ensure that your card is clear and legible.
  • Hand in your card before you shower, so that scoring can be completed without your physical presence.
  • If you are in the last group, pick up our pin markers on your back nine, bring them back to the Clubhouse and hand them in with your scores
  • Do not let caddies touch anyone’s line of putt, or give, “free” drops or rulings
  • If taking relief, you must inform and agree with your marker first.
  • Always keep up with the group in front of you