New Handicaps / New System

*Update Dec 15 2021*

The Club has moved from Congu to the WHS handicap system effective immediately.  All active players with the Londoners now have access to the True Handicap system, with a user ID and password to view your handicap as well as the other information the True system provides.  The True system is used by the Wanderers and British Club and your scores will automatically be updated post event played with any of the three societies.  There are other societies around Bangkok that also use True and this will give all players access to maintaining a more holistic handicap using WHS and inclusion of more event scores.

Lapsing and Reinstatement of a Lapsed Handicap

Any member who has not competed in a Londoner event for a continuous six month period will have his/her handicap suspended. The handicap will be reinstated when the member competes in a qualifying event. The scores from the event in which the player has his/her handicap reinstated will be taken into account for the eclectic competition. We will also accept a returning member’s handicap if they have completed a qualifying event and have a current active handicap with the Bangkok Wanderers Golf club or British Club, except for majors.

Changes to Handicap

As established international rules indicate, handicap changes are immediate following a handicap qualifying competition. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure such charges are known and declared at the next event. If you are playing within a day or two of the last competition please ask after the event for your new handicap. Otherwise, updates are available at the handicaps page of this site within a day or so. The only exception to this is where you play a competition over more than one day. The handicap change does not then take effect until the end of the competition’s final day.