We hold regular events, either Medal stroke play or Stableford, every second and fourth Saturday at Bangpakong Riverside, Mueng Kaew and the Royal Golf and Country Club at LadKrabang.  We normally have 30 to 40 players enjoying discounted weekend rates.  You can see our current year events here.

Members’ guests and new members are also welcome to join us at these events.  Although the majority of golfers do not know all of the Rules of Golf, we actively encourage development in this area.

Prizes and Trophies

At each of our regular events, there are trophies for the overall event winners, plus those, who return the best score in each of the three flights: A (0-11), B (12-19) & C (20+).

In addition, we have 8 ‘technical’ prizes (Near Pins, Longest Putts etc) of wine, vouchers or balls, all generously donated by our sponsors.  At our events, winners will not be awarded more than one technical prize, but will be applauded for each achievement.

Event  Announcements

Event Announcements are sent out usually 2 weeks before every event, by email, to everyone on our database.  To register for an event (members and guests), sign up on the website.  The registration page is generally taken down on the Wednesday evening prior to the event, and the start sheet distributed to all members, and shown on the website, by Friday of the week.

Golf Groupings

With the exception of our “majors”, 4-ball groups comprise golfers of mixed abilities. Groupings are arranged to allow everybody to golf with a wide variety of members.  Requests for groupings is discouraged.  If you want to play with the same three people at each event, you may be at the wrong club.

With an average turnout of 30+ golfers, there are always first and last groups, so we endeavour to move people up and down the running order, irrespective of their golfing abilities. We start simultaneously on tee boxes 1 & 10, so that all things being equal, our last groups will arrive at the Clubhouse at the same time. If you elect to play match play at one of our events, you will be in a late group by default.


Event Registration

When arriving at the course for a Londoner event, players register with the Committee member handling registrations, who will request a small match fee and inform you of your group, starting tee and golf group members, as well as provide a label for your scorecard with the same information.