Welcome to the 2018 Londoner Golf Club Match Play Championship!

  • Preliminary Round to be played by March 10
  • Round 1 to be played by April 21st
  • Round 2 to be played by June 23rd
  • Quarterfinal to be played by August 11th
  • Semifinal to be played by September 22nd
  • Final to be played on October 27th
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Semifinals Finals 32 30 31 28 27 26 29 24 23 Barry Ashman Barry Ashman 22 21 Augusto Romei Augusto Romei 20 19 18 25 16 Douglas Riach Douglas Riach Ed Jones Ed Jones 15 Dave Gauthier Dave Gauthier Matt Bartlett Matt Bartlett 14 Tony Jeffreys Tony Jeffreys Neil Flanagan Neil Flanagan 13 David Richards David Richards Barry Ashman Barry Ashman 2 and 1 12 Mike Muehleck Mike Muehleck John Griffiths John Griffiths 11 Trey Bates Trey Bates Rick Woodham Rick Woodham 10 Augusto Romei Augusto Romei Bye Mark Johnson Mark Johnson DQ 9 Patrick Erickson Patrick Erickson Fred Narthasilpa Fred Narthasilpa 8 Dietmar Bandat Dietmar Bandat Ken Kane Ken Kane 7 Stig Martin Solberg Stig Martin Solberg Paul Wyatt Paul Wyatt 6 Ray Bloom Ray Bloom Craig Griffin Craig Griffin 5 Mark Adderley Mark Adderley Charles Marques Charles Marques 4 Matt Wharf Matt Wharf Park Sangyoul Park Sangyoul 3 John Underwood John Underwood Jonny Jones Jonny Jones 2 Pete Bond Pete Bond Richard Jones Richard Jones 17 Shawn Matharvon Shawn Matharvon 1 Stefan Kuhn Stefan Kuhn Howard Leigh Howard Leigh

Need to know:

  • Participants need to maintain an active handicap through the duration of the match play (i.e. compete in at least one LGC event every 6 months).
  • Able to make yourself available to play your match by the published deadline.
  • The initial draw will be randomly generated and published after registration is closed along with deadline for each round. Depending upon the number of participants, some may receive a bye in the initial round.
  • It is the responsibility of the two competing players to arrange their match and it can be played at any course agreeable by both players. If players are unable to come to agreement on the course, the default course is Royal LadKrabang. If players are unable to complete the match by the deadline after both players have made reasonable attempt, the Captain will do a lucky draw to decide the winner.
  • It is the responsibility of the player to notify the Captain if you will be unreachable or absent during the match play period so an alternative arrangement can be made. Failure to notify the Captain may result in disqualification.
  • You are allowed to play your match in one of the LGC events, however, you’re NOT allowed to give putts. Follow the stricter rules if playing in one of the LGC events.
  • This is a match play with full handicap. The lower handicap player will play as “scratch” (zero handicap) and the higher handicap player will play using the difference between handicaps.